Division of Therapeutic Development for Intractable Bone Diseases

Anti-FGF23 antibody is now available for the treatment of vitamin D resistant rickets and tumor-induced osteomalacia, which is developed since our mentor Dr. Fukumoto identified FGF23 from tumor-induced osteomalacia patient as a phosphate regulator. anti-sclerostin antibody for severe osteoporosis was also developed after sclerostin was identified as bone-formation regulator from sclerosteosis patient. Our goal is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods by clarifying the underlying mechanisms in the rare bone diseases like those forerunners did.

Our lab is one of a few departments which willingly accept transitional bone metabolic disease patients from pediatricians.We also dedicated to raising awareness of adult hypophosphatasia and osteomalacia as these patients were often misdiagnosed in orthopedic or rheumatology departments, which severely damage the QOL of these patients.

PPlease do not hesitate to contact us about referral of the patients or research consultation and all the rest.

Nobuaki Ito M.D., Ph.D